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Arrive safely and relaxed with Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control.
The Tuson Sway Control  is the most advanced caravan anti-sway device in the industry. Detecting sway 200 times per second, Tuson Sway Control proactively combats caravan sway and instantly makes corrections when needed.

Tuson Caravan Sway Control Device

Tuson Sway Control

Tuson has exceeded all industry expectations with its production of the Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control which combats caravan sway unlike any other device in the market.

Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control unit is designed to be compatible to any trailer, caravan, horse float or fifth-wheeler with electric brakes. Once installed by a registered installer the unit will ensure a safer, smoother journey.

Unlike electronic stability control or other sway control devices, which are symmetric, Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control applies brakes on specific wheels as required rather than all wheels. There are no pre-programming requirements – install and away you go.

Why Do I Need Sway Control?

We have seen the dreadful accidents, where ’sway’ is the major contributor to drivers losing control of vehicles while towing a caravan.

Tuson Australia introduces Sway Control – the only asymmetric braking device on the market, taking control of caravan sway in all conditions. 

Tuson Sway Control detects and eliminates sway 200 times per second, proactively making corrections to combat caravan sway.

Sway Control should be seriously considered, and installed to ensure the safe towing of your caravan.

Arrive safely and more relaxed with Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control.

Tuson Sway Control Device

At a Glance

  • Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control device requires no maintenance.
  • Tuson Sway Control is compatible with major electric brake controllers.
  • Tuson Sway Control performs on single, double and triple-axle caravans.
  • No pre-measurement is required for Tuson Sway Control.
  • Programmed to self-diagnose via a LED light, the Tuson Sway Control will alert you to any functionality issues.
  • Automatic ‘sleep mode’ after 30 minutes of inactivity to save battery.
  • Automatic disengagement.